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Iconic Products is serving and providing a line of products prioritizing safety and hygiene by sterilizing your environment. In the times of mass globalization and a rampant pandemic, we resolve to be the first line of defense, protecting you and your loved ones from contaminated objects in your surroundings.

Our operations are in the NYC tri-state area, servicing the globe in the battle against COVID-19. We believe that you can’t only take one step to ensure that we win against this pandemic and future diseases. Our communities need to accept a different approach in life after COVID-19 to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Sterilizing ourselves and our surroundings with any of our PürePath products is a good start.

When America reopens and some sense of normality returns, we are all looking at a new approach to our work environment and left with the daunting task of instilling confidence in our customers. We are here to aid your business in ensuring that you're customers, employees or clients know that you are taking the best precautions possible in minimizing the spread.  

Restaurants, Hotels Manufacturing, offices, Retail, job-sites,lobbies Shopping malls, Schools, city agencies, Gyms, studios  


TownSteel, Inc., is the leading U.S. manufacturer of BHMA/ANSI certified Architectural Hardware. With a consistent focus on innovation, TownSteel has evolved from a background in original equipment manufacturing into a global enterprise pioneering a full line of category-leading entrance security products.

Headquartered in City of Industry, California, TownSteel is a privately held company with a permanent staff of 120, and a 90,000 square foot manufacturing and engineering plant at the same location. Almost all of our products are designed and built on-site, deploying sophisticated production and operational systems that involve rigorous quality, durability, and functionality testing.

TownSteel locks come with exceptional technical support, which includes helping you to evolve and improve lock security that impacts your safety. We invite you to get to know more about the TownSteel difference for your business.

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