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 Iconic Materials continues to move to the forefront of bringing new and innovative products to the construction industry .


We continue to grow on our partnerships and now with our continued growing relationship with TownSteel, we are more than proud to introduce to you, the new line of Townsteel copper infused locks in the fight for ensuring a healthier workplace.

Iconic Materials is proud and honored to represent the new TownSteel copper lock collection. TownSteel is the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical and electronic door hardware, and TownSteel is the number one mortise lock manufacturer in the world. Townsteel continues to bring new and futuristic products to the door hardware industry. Through the current global crisis Townsteel stepped up to introduce the new modern line of copper infused door hardware and now with ICONIC MATERIALS we are here to show you this new line.


Clean on Another Level

Püre Biotechnologies is a company dedicated to protecting you and your loved ones by eliminating threats at a microbial level. We provide systems and solutions to help you clean your community using highly-effective yet food grade, human safe, and eco-friendly disinfectants. Your safety and hygiene is our priority, so we've thoughtfully developed a diverse range of products using the latest scientific technology to help you sanitize your environment. In the times of mass globalization and a rampant pandemic, we resolve to be the first line of defense, protecting you and your loved ones from contaminated objects in your surroundings.

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